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    Worm Gear

    • Worm And Pinion

      Worm And Pinion

      The motion and force between any axis in transmissible space, that is, the axis can be parallel, crossed or staggered;Smooth rotation, its transmission ratio is constant, the transmission ratio of most gears is constant;Wide range of adaptability (large transmission speed and...

    • Warm And Worm Gear

      Warm And Worm Gear

      The Worm Gears, which we supply, are known for their make and quality.?Our product is wrapped in industrial grade packaging supplies that are ecological and offer defense to the products against mechanical and transit damage.?Furthermore, the product is correctly branded to...

    • Worm And Worm Wheel Steering Gear

      Worm And Worm Wheel Steering Gear

      A?worm drive?is a?gear arrangement?in which a?worm?(which is a gear in the form of a?screw) meshes with a?worm gear?(which is similar in appearance to a?spur gear). The two?elements?are also called the?worm screw?and?worm wheel. The terminology is often confused by imprecise...

    • Metal Worm Gear

      Metal Worm Gear

      Gained prominence in the industry as a reliable company, we are engaged in providing?Metal Worm Wheel. Designed using a fine quality material as per set industrial norms and guidelines, we provide this to our customers’ at market leading price.

    • Bronze Worm Gear

      Bronze Worm Gear

      In the production material, the worm generally USES the hard alloy, while the worm gear USES the relatively soft metal, such as aluminum bronze.This is because the number of teeth on the worm gear is relatively high compared to the worm, the number of teeth at the beginning...

    • Multi Start Worm Gear

      Multi Start Worm Gear

      Custom quenched steel mini/micro worm gear Material: steel/aluminum/brass/iron/zinc/alloy Equipment: CNC machine tool Other materials and sizes are subject to customer requirements.

    • Enveloping Worm Gear

      Enveloping Worm Gear

      The extra precision double enveloping worms and worm gears of all sizes can steadily reach grade 3 of DIN standard. These double enveloping worm and worms gears have been successfully used as indexing drive for machine tools that have to cope with high cutting rates, endure...

    • Worm Wheel Drive

      Worm Wheel Drive

      A worm gear is a spiral thread simial to a thread on a bolt. The worm gear engages a bevel gear, as the worm gear turns its threads push the teeth of the bevel gear cauing the bevel gear to rotate.

    • Worm Wheel Bearing UNIT

      Worm Wheel Bearing UNIT

      A worm drive is a gear arrangement in which a worm (which is a gear in the form of a screw) meshes with a worm gear (which is similar in appearance to a spur gear). The two elements are also called the worm screw and worm wheel. The terminology is often confused by imprecise...

    • Cone Drive Operations Worm

      Cone Drive Operations Worm

      A gear ratio is a measure of how many times one gear spins compared to another one (something we'll get into later). Gearing up refers to decreasing the gear ratio, and gearing down increases it.

    • Worm Gear And Shaft

      Worm Gear And Shaft

      As worm shaft suppliers, GTE can produce worm shafts with a diameter of 6 mm to 305 mm and a length of 50 mm to 305 mm. Using our manufacturing and machining expertise, GTE manufactures worm shafts and worm gears. Use of the worm shaft, which is a cylindrical gear that...

    • Worm Shaft And Worm Gear

      Worm Shaft And Worm Gear

      Spur gear?contain gears which have teeth that are straight and run parallel to the axis of revolution. These are used primarily for use in parallel shafts.

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    With over 30 years' experience and hundreds of qualified personnel, Wanfu Precision is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of worm gear in China. Offering worm gear customized service, our factory is specialized in producing high precision products.


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